Her Excellency Paula-Mae Weekes O.R.T.T. President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago joins with the nation in paying tribute to the inimitable Granny Luces, long distance runner extraordinaire and national hero who died today.

An active runner from childhood, Granny Luces rose to fame when she began competing in the Trinidad and Tobago Marathon, her age and silver hair earning her the affectionate moniker Granny Luces. Her athleticism in her senior years served as a defiant push-back against ageism particularly as it affects females in Trinidad and Tobago. She inspired many, both female and male, to take up long distance running. Indeed, the impetus for many a marathon participant to pick up the pace was “Don’t let Granny beat you!”

In addition to completing the TT Marathon and several other local long distance races many times, Granny also represented her country in seniors athletic meets around the world. Here in Trinidad, Granny was honoured by the Eastern Credit Union when in 1988 it established the Granny Luces Classic a 15k foot race along the Eastern Main Road which remains in existence today. Her accomplishments were also noted by her compatriots when she was awarded the Humming Bird Medal Gold in the sphere of Sport in 2013.

Her Excellency well remembers completing a few of the Trinidad and Tobago Marathons in which Granny also participated and remained in awe of Granny’s unfailing stamina and enduringly youthful spirit.

On behalf of a grateful nation and on her own behalf, President Weekes extends heartfelt condolences to the family, running fraternity and all citizens who held Granny Luces dear.

You have run well Granny, your time to rest in eternal peace is at hand. Thank you for inspiring a nation.

Photo courtesy James B. Solomon.