About The Presidency
  • that the President is Head of State while the Prime Minister is Head of Government in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago?
  • that only the President is authorised to declare a state of public emergency?
  • that the Presidential colours are gold and royal blue?
  • that The President’s House, Trinidad and The President’s House, Tobago are more than 130 and 180 years old, respectively?
  • that the building which houses the Office of the President was first built during Sir Solomon Hochoy’s tenure as Governor General of Trinidad and Tobago?
  • that the length of a President’s term in office is five years?
  • that the President of the Senate acts as President in the event that the President is unable to do so?
  • that according to tradition, the Prime Minister meets with the President weekly in order to fulfill the constitutional obligation (Section 81) to keep the President fully informed concerning matters of government?
About Events and Ceremonies
  • that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England has been on three State Visits to Trinidad and Tobago? They were in 1966, 1985 and 2009?
  • that non-citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are eligible for all national awards except the Public Service Medal of Merit?
  • that the Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago replaced the Trinity Cross as the highest national award and was first awarded in 2008?
  • that the first National Awards were awarded in 1969?
  • that, according to the Constitution, the President is Chancellor of the Order of the Trinity?
  • that Heads of Mission accredited to Trinidad and Tobago are referred to as High Commissioners if they are from Commonwealth countries, but as Ambassadors if they are not?
  • that some appointments, such as those of ‘Independent senators’ are made by the President, entirely in his discretion?
  • that a Courtesy Call on the President and First Lady are an official part of the itinerary for any State Visit?
  • that, as Head of State, the President is ‘Chief Scout’ of the Scout Association of Trinidad and Tobago?
About Trinidad and Tobago
  • that the words and music of the National Anthem were composed by Patrick S. Castagne?
  • that the Chaconia usually blooms annually around the anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago?
  • that the National Flower, the Chaconia is also known as “the wild Poinsettia” or “pride of Trinidad and Tobago”?
  • that Ms. Marjorie Padmore, who penned the National Pledge, was a former teacher, musician, choirmistress and organist?
  • that while Republic Day is celebrated with a national holiday on September 24th, Trinidad and Tobago actually became a republic on August 1st, 1976?
  • that the national watchwords were given to Trinidad and Tobago by its first Prime Minister, Dr. Eric Williams?
Other Quick Facts
  • that the President delivers seventy-five speeches a year, on average?
  • that His Excellency Noor Hassanali, the second President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago was the first Muslim head of State in the Americas?
  • that Arthur N.R. Robinson, the country’s third President is the only person to have served as both Prime Minister and President of Trinidad and Tobago? He was also Chairman of the Tobago House of Assembly.