Several young participants of the NiNa Young Women’s Entrepreneurship Programme visited Her Excellency on Thursday 7th February, 2019. They were led by Founder and National Coordinator of NiNa, Ms. Akosua Dardaine Edwards.

NiNa is a programme for young ladies between the ages of 15 and 18 aimed at developing entrepreneurial thinking and the consciousness that one can learn from one’s journey no matter what. It attempts to forge an entrepreneurial culture among its participants by giving them the training and knowledge to use entrepreneurship principles as part of their toolkit for life. The programme incorporates the realities of being an entrepreneur, exposing them to real life stories, real people and real solutions.

In support of NiNa’s efforts President Weekes promised the ladies that she would explore the possibility of Financial Literacy classes for them since most have not had experience in managing monies. Her Excellency is also vigorously pursuing short courses in culinary skills for them.

To the young NiNa participant who revealed that she was a make-up artist, The President made the commitment to hire her to do her make-up for an upcoming engagement.