After her recent tour of the Military History and Aerospace Museum in Chaguaramas, The President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Force is enthusiastically recommending the facility to all school children and even adults too.

The Museum displays military relics, uniforms and weapons from around the world and chronicles the tales of Caribbean nationals who served in several wars, including the First and Second World Wars.

President Weekes was moved by the compelling exposition of Trinidad and Tobago’s involvement in the many conflicts that have arisen since the coming of Christopher Columbus. Replicas of hard-fought battles and the haunting images of chaos and destruction were juxtaposed with the proud visages of Trinidadians and Tobagonians who marched proudly into battle.

Thoroughly impressed by the collection of items on display and the very detailed information available on Trinidad and Tobago’s apparently abundant military heritage, Her Excellency strongly recommends that all schoolchildren, indeed every citizen, make it their business to visit this museum to gain valuable insight into the history of our nation. She expressed the hope that teachers would organise visits for their students as the museum’s exhibits are so immensely interesting and informative.

As she departed, Her Excellency expressed her appreciation to museum curator and tour guide Mrs. Linda Kelshall, who presented the President with historical books written by the late Lieutenant Commander Gaylord Kelshall. It was indeed an edifying and meaningful experience for all in attendance.