Her Excellency Paula-Mae Weekes O.R.T.T., President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago received the Tobago Council of Churches on 26 November, 2019 during her working week in Tobago.

Meeting with Her Excellency were Reverend Esther Moore Roberts, Superintendent, Moravian Church, Reverend Kes Wolde Dawit Alleyne, Ethiopian Orthodox Church, The Venerable Philip Isaac, Archdeacon, the Anglican Tobago Region, Reverend Philbert De Laney, Superintendent, the Methodist Circuit, Mrs. Shirmatie Rostant, Secretary, Presbyterian Tobago Community, Mrs. Jean Scott Henry, the Salvation Army and Mrs. Agnes Murray.

Topics discussed included: the state of education in Tobago and the possible reasons for Tobago’s poor showing – relative to the national average – in the attainment of national scholarships; the Salvation Army’s difficulty in securing work permits for their District Leaders who come from Haiti thus impacting negatively on the Army’s ability to deliver their services efficiently; the issues surrounding decriminalisation of marijuana; and the Presbyterian Tobago Community’s desire for land upon which to build their own church even as they remain grateful to the Methodist Church which allows the Presbyterians to hold services there.

For her part, Her Excellency urged collaboration among the churches so as to avoid duplication of effort and waste of resources.