At Easter, Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and his enduring legacy of love and sacrifice.

Since his sojourn on Earth, Jesus’ message of peace and goodwill has inspired generations of both Christians and non-Christians alike. For the believer, Christ’s victory over the grave is the source of eternal hope and salvation and represents the fulfillment of God’s promise to mankind. His death at Calvary secured the promise of everlasting life and reconciliation with the Almighty. For these
reasons, Easter is the cornerstone of the Christian tradition.

During Eastertide, and the Lenten period which precedes it, Christians are called to engage in sober contemplation and self-restraint, mirroring Christ’s own posture before his crucifixion. Non-Christians can also be encouraged by the exercise in humility and grace demonstrated by Jesus in his death and resurrection. His temperament, teachings and resolve can be replicated in our interactions at home, in our communities and our workplaces.

In the face of overwhelming tribulation, we can look to Christ’s determination to fulfill his purpose on the Earth. From Easter, we take away ideals of perseverance, and standing firm for what we believe. This is the season that epitomises renewed hope in the midst of despair and the possibility of redemption through great effort and sacrifice.

The story of Easter also enables us to have faith for the future despite our current circumstances. We are encouraged to overcome crisis and affliction, both on the personal level and collectively, as a nation.

Jesus Christ left an extraordinary heritage of faith from which we can all draw inspiration. His manifestations of love and his concern for the salvation of all are the reasons that, over 2000 years after his crucifixion, his message continues to resonate.

Whether the day is spent in religious devotions, traditional kite flying or with family, I trust that all citizens will reflect on the richness of the lessons in love and selflessness espoused by Christ.

I wish the entire national community a safe and peaceful Easter celebration.