That there is a gender gap for females in the technology sector is undeniable. The good news is, the disparity is being addressed. Girls Hackathons are being organised all around the world and the winners of the TT leg of Caribbean Girls Hack 2019 Hackathon recently met with President Paula-Mae Weekes ORTT, to celebrate their victory.

A Hackathon, for those of you who may be clueless, is an event at which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. The Girl Hackathon was created by a group of women in technology who understood the opportunities that open up when technology is embraced. The goal of the Girl Hackathon is to empower girls to think of technology as an experience that is creative, fun and exciting.

Caribbean Girls Hack seeks to advance Caribbean women’s economic empowerment by focusing on bridging the digital skills gap for young women and thereby build a pipeline of Caribbean women equipped for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It motivates female students to look beyond conventional career roles and take advantage of the new opportunities offered by the digital revolution.

Celebrating their ICT victory with Her Excellency were:

1st place winners St. Augustine Girls’ High School students: Maali Rose, Neelam Kumarsingh, Chenice Pope, Pooja Mangra and Robyn Bhola

2nd place winners Gasparillo Secondary students: Anya Ramdin, Sheriza Ali, Denisha Dass, Alisa Faria and Saliesha Mohammed and 

3rd place winners Swaha Hindu College students: Alexis Ali, Asia Baksh, Lakshmi Sookraj, Varuna Kistow and Jade Paul.