[h2]DISCIPLINE, PRODUCTION, & TOLERANCE[/h2][client_name]National Watchwords[/client_name]


Origin of the National Watchwords

Message to the Youth of the Nation: Dr. Eric Williams In a speech delivered at the Independence Youth Rally, Queen’s Park Oval on 30th August 1962, (the eve of our Independence from Britain), to the soon-to-be citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

“I have given to the Nation as its watchwords, Discipline, Production, Tolerance.

They apply as much to you the young people as to your parents.


The discipline is both individual and national; the individual cannot be allowed to seek his personal interests and gratify his personal ambition at the expense of our Nation.


We must produce in order to enjoy. Wealth does not drop from the skies for any individual or any Nation…


– to translate the ideal of our National Anthem into a code of everyday behaviour, and to make our Nation one in which “every creed and race find an equal place.”

(Ref: “Forged From the Love of Liberty, Selected Speeches of Dr. Eric Williams” – Compiled by Dr. Paul K. Sutton, Longman Caribbean 1981, Pages 328, 329 .)

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September 2005.