Mrs. Lenore Harris has been re-appointed as Lay-assessor to the Equal Opportunity Tribunal.

Mrs. Harris received her Instrument of Appointment today from His Excellency Nigel De Freitas, Acting President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Mrs. Lenore Harris is a financial professional with wide and varied experience in the accounting, financial and auditing fields in both the private and public sector including fourteen years’ service as a Judge in the Industrial Court.

She has served as an Auditor and Financial Consultant at a number of firms including Price Waterhouse, Jamaica, and Panel Kerr Foster in Trinidad.

At the Ministry of Energy in Trinidad and Tobago, she worked with companies in the Energy sector reviewing financial reports and ensuring collection of the annual Oil impost on behalf of the Trinidad and Tobago Government.

During her time at the Industrial Court, informed by her participation in conferences and seminars in the Caribbean, Washington DC in the USA and in South Africa, Mrs. Harris worked with attorneys and industrial relations practitioners to adjudicate and mediate disputes between employers and employees on a range of matters relating to terms and conditions of employment.

Mrs. Harris has served as a Lay Assessor at the Equal Opportunity Tribunal since 2020.