Zainool Hosein Appointed Chairman of the Integrity Commission

Zainool Hosein Appointed Chairman of the Integrity Commission – November 21, 2014 .

His Excellency, the President Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, ORTT, SC, appointed Retired Justice of Appeal, The Honourable Justice Zainool Hosein as member and Chairman of the Integrity Commission on November 21, 2014.

Justice Hosein replaces former Chairman Mr Kenneth Gordon who term as chairman had come to an end.  The President expressed his gratitude and the gratitude of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to Mr Gordon for his great service to this country.

At the time of his appointment, President Carmona stated that Justice Hosein was well known for his astute intellect in analysing matters and for his jurisprudential prowess in his judgements at the Court of Appeal and there is no denying that he will bring additional intellectual rigor to the Integrity Commission.

His Excellency commended Justice Hosein on his return to public service since the importance is sometimes nor fully appreciated or even under appreciated.  The President further stated that as a former judge of the Court of Appeal, Justice Hosein will be very alive to due process, natural justice and the audi aulteram partem doctrine so important for a fair, just and equitable functioning of a Commission of this nature.

Justice Hosein graduated from the University of Sheffield in 1962 after which he spent time in the Legal Department of the Derbyshire County Council before being called to the bar of Lincoln’s Inn in 1966.

On his return to Trinidad, he joined the Law Chambers of eminent Queen’s Counsel Tajmool Hosein where he spent ten years after which he returned to England to establish a civil and criminal practice in the Midland and Oxford Circuit.

In 1983 Justice Hosein returned to Trinidad and was appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court of Judicature.  Ten years later he was elevated to the Court of Appeal and presided over both criminal and civil appeals.

After retiring in 1999, he was appointed Chairman of a Commission of Enquiry into the escape of Deochan Ramdhanie from the Princess Town Magistrate’s Court Holding Cell.  He also held the position of Chairman of the Environmental Commission of Trinidad and Tobago.  Justice Hosein was a Special Examiner on behalf of Florida District Court and a member of International Chamber of Commerce Tribunal on International Criminal Court (ICC) Disputes.  He is also the recipient of the Chaconia Medal Gold for long and meritorious service to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the sphere of law.

President Carmona also expressed his gratitude to the members of Justice Hosein’s family who were present to witness the ceremony and for their unstinting support given to him for this laudable commitment to public service.

Justice Hosein’s swearing-in ceremony was also witnessed by the following members of the Integrity Commission, Mr Pete London, Mr Deonarine Jaggernauth and Registra Mr Martin Farrell.