School Visit – Buenos Ayres Government Primary School

His Excellency Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona ORTT, SC President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago visited the Buenos Ayres Government Primary School on May 24, 2016.

The Occasion was a farewell visit by His Excellency Marcelo Aldo Salviolo Ambassador from Argentina to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago whose term as Ambassador had come to an end.  The name of the school is synonymous with the Capital City of Argentina, Buenos Aires and over the years the Argentinian Government has made several contributions to the school.

President Carmona in a brief address to the students focused on the power of love and compassion especially to does students who may be differently abled.  His Excellency further stated that the fact that persons who are differently abled are allowed to access the same education, in the same environment as someone who is abled is a First World practice.

His Excellency also spoke to the students about the importance of hard work, pointing out that like them he too was once a student and through hard work and education he became President.  “Believe in yourself and you too will be able to accomplish the same things I did and even greater.”

Ambassador Salviolo presented the school with two (2) paintings done by Alejandro Marmo while President Carmona presented them with two (2) books. The first titled Snapshots of Trinidad and Tobago by Angelo Bissessarsingh and the second was titled Bridges of Trinidad and Tobago: Side by Side by Danielle Delon.  His Excellency also present a copy of Snapshots of Trinidad and Tobago to Ambassador Salviolo.

During the visit several students were presented with awards for excellence in various disciplines.  President Carmona commended the teachers and staff of the school on the exceptional work they are doing in building confidence in the students.

At the end of the visit, the Principal (Ag.) made the following statement of thanks, “On behalf of staff and pupils of the Buenos Ayres Government Primary School, wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation for this opportunity.  Your presence has definitely complemented what we at the Buenos Ayres Government Primary School seek to uphold.  We are indeed grateful to host the very officials that who exemplify our collaborative effort to continue to produce upstanding citizens of Trinidad and Tobago who motivation and main influencing factors are forged in our National Watchword: Discipline, Production and Tolorence.”