School Children Greeted In The Gardens

“Mr President, Mr President, Mr Carmona. Mr Carmona,” were the shouts of the tiny voices that echoed across the wire fence that separates the Botanical Gardens from the Office of the President. The pleading voices caught the ear of His Excellency Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona O.R.T.T., SC, President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, who was outside his office at the time, saying goodbye to Australian High Commissioner, His Excellency John Pillbeam following, the Presentation of Credentials Ceremony which was done about an hour earlier.

Immediately after the departure of High Commissioner Pillbeam, President Carmona headed towards the Botanical Gardens and greeted the children – students from St Ann’s RC Primary School, including their First Year class. The students encircled President Carmona, some of them holding on to him. One boy complemented the President on the softness of his suit. President Carmona conversed with the students and their two teachers and allowed them the opportunity to have photos with him.