Presentation of Credentials by His Excellency Dr. Lutz Herman Gorgens Ambassador-designate of The Federal Republic of Germany

The Presentation of Credentials by His Excellency Dr. Lutz Herman Gorgens Ambassador-designate of The Federal Republic of Germany to The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago was held on November 4, 2014 at the Office of His Excellency the President.

His Excellency Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, ORTT, SC the President of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago received His Excellency Dr. Lutz Herman Gorgens Ambassador-designate of The Federal Republic of Germany to The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.  Accompanying the Ambassador was Dr. Michael Frudenberg & Mrs. Monika Frudenberg.  At the start of this meeting the Ambassador presented his letters of Credence to the President.

In keeping with the practiced initiated by His Excellency twelve (12) students from various secondary schools were invited to witness the process.

Additionally, the teachers accompanying the students were afforded the rare opportunity of being invited into the Office to witness the meeting.  The President realising that while the initiative allowed for interaction among the students, the President and the Ambassador, affording them the opportunity to receive encouraging words of advice, the teachers too can gain something from the experience to be taken back to their respective schools and thereby add reinforcement to the limitless opportunities available to students once they are prepared to do the necessary work.

President Carmona informed Ambassador Gorgens that the presence of the students was to demonstrate that life is filled with infinite possibilities, as he too was once a student with no idea that he would become President and one week ago, the students themselves had no idea they would be sitting in the Office of the President today.

Ambassador Gorgens commended His Excellency on the initiative and expressed upon the students the wonderful opportunity they had in being present at the meeting.  He further encouraged them by speaking his educational path and that of his children, none of them having any knowledge of where life would take them.

The Ambassador told the students, while all of them cannot become President, the opportunity to hold high offices or become CEOs in multinational organisations is within their grasp in this all-encompassing global market.

Ambassador Gorgens also spoke about the European Union (EU) as little of how the many sovereign member nations are able to work collectively and independently.  He paralleled it to the regional union that is the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and indicated to the teachers his willingness to come to the schools to speak more on the EU and other matters of interest in that region, and how our country, even though a small twin-island state, has impacted the global village.

The Ambassador’s Chargé d’ Affaires, Dr Michael Frudenberg also spoke to the students about his experiences in Ukraine during the recent conflict and the reaction of the people.  He particularly detailed the fact that while the violence between the Government and the citizens was extreme, there was no looting and any other disobedience to law than that of the intended purpose of removing the President of the country.

Through their exposure to Diplomatic Ceremonies His Excellency, the President hopes to form a connection with the youth of the Republic.  It is his belief that they will gain an appreciation for the mechanics of International Relations, Protocol and Diplomacy thereby encouraging them to realize their fullest potential.

The teacher, students and schools in attendance were:

Students Schools
Ms. Marsha Singh Cowen Hamilton Secondary-Teacher
Lyzauun Alleyne Cowen Hamilton Secondary
April Humphrey Cowen Hamilton Secondary
Rayanne Ferguson Cowen Hamilton Secondary
Ms. Onika Moyo Holy Name Convent – Port of Spain-Teacher
Ashley Singh Holy Name Convent – Port of Spain
Kiara Cheekes Holy Name Convent – Port of Spain
Mr. Barrington Richardson Palo Seco Secondary School-Teacher
Marc Marcelle Palo Seco Secondary School
Nicolas Baptiste Palo Seco Secondary School
Ms. Faithlyn Ramsey Division of Education – THA
Keriana John Signal Hill Secondary
DeVaughn Walcott Signal Hill Secondary
Jelani Alleyne Signal Hill Secondary
Shelifa Cipirani Scarborough Secondary