Presentation of Credentials – Ambassador Designate of the Republic of Indonesia

His Excellency Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, ORTT, SC President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago received Letters of Credence from His Excellency Major General (Ret’d) Mohammed Luthfie Wittoeng, Ambassador for the Republic of Indonesia to The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.  Ambassador Luthfie Wittoeng was accompanied by his wife Her Excellency Diana Kusumadewi Luthfie.

Included along with the customary students present for the event were National Olympic Medallist Richard “Torpedo” Thompson and Martial Arts Professor Soke Christopher Francis.

President Carmona pointed out the importance of having distinguished persons such as the Ambassador and to be able to engage in discourse with him.  Ambassador Luthfie Wittoeng spoke of his early childhood and his journey to becoming an Ambassador.  As an orphan growing up in a rural village in Indonesia, his only avenue to escape perpetual poverty was education.  He said, “Growing up, all I had was education.  I made up my mind that I was going to study hard at school, and be the best I can be.”

His Excellency conveyed his sincere admiration and respect for the high level of ethnic diversity and cultural plurality that harmoniously existed in Indonesia.  He further commented about the difficulty of task saying “As a burgeoning democracy, Indonesia has historically faced great challenges in its journey to Independence from Dutch colonial powers.  This great nation has also survived the oppressive invasion of the Japanese during World War II.”

President Carmona expressed his great admiration for the indigenous headwear of the Ambassador and the vibrant colours of the rainbow displayed by Mrs Diana Kusumadewi Luthfie’s flowing dress.

His Excellency added that to adorn oneself with one’s native cultural wear while in a Diplomatic position, is to promote tolerance and cross cultural sensitivity in these trying global times.