Presentation of Credentials – Ambassador Designate of The Kingdom of Morocco

His Excellency Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, ORTT, SC President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago received Letters of Credence from His Excellency Abderrahim Kadmiri, Ambassador for the Kingdom of Morocco to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.  The Ambassador was accompanied by Mr Mohammed Ali Elkhamlichi, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Morocco in St Lucia.

Included along with the customary students present for the event were Lexi Balchan, the top SEA student 2017 and Martial Arts Professor Soke Christopher Francis and some of his students.

President Carmona, in speaking during the event said, “I want them to experience the magic of Morocco!” referring to the students.  He further stated that he has fond memories from his childhood days when most of the blockbuster spy movies of the time were filmed in Morocco, a country of great beauty and brimming with life.

His Excellency, expressed his hope to the students present that after the day’s ceremony, the proceedings and content discussed would have ignited their interest and they would read extensively on Morocco.  He instructed the students that it was imperative that they understand that even though they come from a small country, great ideas can be harvested from them.

The President went on to tell them that one’s character is not academically oriented; rather it is one’s heart and sense of vision.  Always remember he said, “YOU ARE IMPORTANT!”  “YOU ARE SOMEBODY!” and “YOU ARE NOT A STATISTIC!”  He further stated, that often times our leaders tend to deal with the bolted horse and not with the horse in the stables when in fact it was the youth of our nation, like the horse in the stable, who had a wealth of energy, strength, ideas and inspiration, which when unleash will aid in the forward movement of our nation.

Invited to address the students, His Excellency Abderrahim Kadmiri first expressed his heartfelt thanks towards His Excellency President Carmona for his kind remarks extended towards his country and the praises mentioned in terms of Morocco’s strides towards renewable energy.  He then went on to say that this ceremony is the first of its kind that he has experienced and was delighted to witness students present.  To the students he spoke of the importance of studying with the aim of advancing one’s life.

The Ambassador answered questions posed to him by three of Professor Francis’ students and Ms. Lexi Balchan.  Everyone present was extensively enlightened on Morrocco’s history as well as its industrial, agricultural, social and educational portfolio.

At the end, His Excellency Abderrahim Kadmiri Lastly, extended further thanks to President Carmona for such an inspiring encounter.