Ms Lorraine Waldropt-Ferguson Appointed Member of The Trinidad Transport Board

His Excellency Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, ORTT, SC President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago appointed Ms Lorraine Waldropt-Ferguson as a member of the Trinidad Transport Board (TTB).

President Carmona commended Ms Waldropt-Ferguson for sense of service to community; her willing spirit and her strong familial ties. His Excellency when on to point out her highly decorated career developed over many years including being a member of the John Spence Committee, which emphasised economic and crop diversification.

His Excellency stated that Professor John Spence was a man who was well respected and held in high esteemed by many, and from dialogue with colleagues of Professor Spence, he understood that the Professor held Ms Waldropt-Ferguson in high regard. President Carmona further expressed his deep desire that the talent and brilliance of Ms Waldropt-Ferguson would be sought and the knowledge she has acquired through the years be used to propel the agricultural development of Trinidad and Tobago.

Fellow member of the TTB, Mr Dave Baijoo, who was in attendance, found it highly commendable that His Excellency appointed Ms Waldropt-Ferguson to the TTB while she is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Agricultural Extension: Communication and Collaboration for Sector Development. This he said is quite noteworthy.

In closing, His Excellency encouraged Ms Waldropt-Ferguson to avoid adopting a slavish mentality in her duties but rather execute her independence and wisdom without hesitation and with all efficiency, exercising her impetus and other qualities that enable the broad to work assiduously, competently and productively.