Mrs Michelle Solomon-Baksh Appointed Deputy Director of The Police Complaints Authority (PCA)

His Excellency Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, ORTT, SC President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago appointed Mrs Michelle Solomon-Baksh as the Deputy Director of The Police Complaints Authority.

President Carmona said it was a distinguishing moment when the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition both agreed on the person who should be appointed as the Deputy Director of the PCA.

His Excellency emphasised the fact that it is the first time in the  history of Trinidad and Tobago that a woman, especially one of Mrs Solomon-Baksh’s calibre ,has been appointed to serve in such a capacity.

The President also mentioned that Mrs Solomon –Baksh appeared before him on several occasion while he was a sitting judge and he found her to be passionate and possessed a sense of commitment in what she was doing.  He further stated that Mrs Solomon –Baksh acquired a kind of jurisprudential rigor that enabled him to have all confidence that the court will be greatly assisted in justice being served.

Referring to her new posting, His Excellency cautioned her that she may be entering a lion’s den of some sort because the Police Service is one that is constantly under public scrutiny.  However he urged her to perform her duties faithfully, all the while being just and fair in everything she does as her appointment as deputy director will contribute to a well-oiled PCA that performs its function efficiently.

His Excellency, in closing, made mention of the gender imbalance on Commissions under his remit but upon assuming office, he has remedied the situation.  He insisted that for a society to progress women must move forward.  He again congratulated Mrs. Solomon-Baksh on her appointment.