Mr Robert Giuseppe Appointed Member of The Trinidad Transport Board

His Excellency Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, ORTT, SC President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago appointed Mr Robert Bryan Charles Giuseppe as a member of the Trinidad Transport Board.

Mr Giuseppe, with an extensive background in labour studies has been at the forefront of the labour movement for a great many years.  He has served and been at the head of many Trade Union bodies both locally and internationally.

President Carmona during the appointment of Mr Giuseppe, sated that two essentials for those in public service to perform their duties effectively are integrity and independence.  His Excellency further said “In our nation, we tend to have a herd mentality about issues and prefer hiding in the pack, but we must be wary, because herds tend to go into valleys and precipices.”

His Excellency also recounted Mr Giuseppe’s many labour achievements as the former President and Vice President of the National Trade Union Centre and the Caribbean Trade Youth Movement, respectively.

President Carmona further said that during his Presidency, he will continue to “celebrate those who are making sacrifices and working in the trenches of the Public Service.”

In conclusion His Excellency sated that he was satisfied with the varied composition of the Trinidad Transport Board on which even the differently abled was now represented.