Mr Dinanath Ramkissoon Appointed Member of the Police Service Commission

His Excellency, the President Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, ORTT, SC, appointed Mr Dinanath Ramkissoon as a member of the Police Service Commission on February 23, 2016.

In addressing the gathering during the swearing in ceremony, the President expressed pleasure he felt when presenting Mr Ramkissoon with his Instruments of Appointment and described Mr Ramkissoon as an individual of great patience.  This is because His Excellency, after the required consultation with the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader had recommend Mr Ramkissoon for consideration by the Parliament in June 2015.

The President went on to explain that due to the proroguing of the Parliament for General Elections, even though Mr Ramkissoon’s nomination had been on the list for debate, it went into abeyance.  Following the elections the entire process of requisite consultation had to be redone and upon agreement the recommendation was sent to the Parliament in January 2016 where it received a unanimous acquiescence on the part of the Parliament.

Mr Ramkissoon’s recognised competence since between the time of the first and second consultations, the roles of Prime Minister and Opposition Leader had been reversed.  Nonetheless, the both leaders in the Parliament remain consistent regarding Mr Ramkissoon’s nomination and subsequent appointment.  It speaks well of the country when it is demonstrated that “competence does not become subservient to a change of Government”, as it was described by the President.  This is commendable on the part of the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader.

His Excellency stated his confidence of the added expertise and vision that would be brought to table of the Commission by Mr Ramkissoon’s whose qualifications and experience include a member of the Police Service and fingerprint expert, who went on to not only obtain a Bachelor of Laws Degree but earned a Master of Laws Degree in Public Law as well as Advanced International Law, Advanced International Human Rights Law and Advanced Public International Law.  It is no doubt that Mr Ramkissoon with his vast expertise and experience will assist in resolving many of the onerous issues and responsibilities that the Commission now shoulders.

The President then commended Mr Ramkissoon’s family for being present to witness this “Celebration of Public Service”, because this appointment is about public service and it must always be emphasised that public service involves sacrifices.  Having the support of one’s family is important in the dispensation of the responsibility that is brought on by one’s desire to engage in public service.

The ceremony ended with the President congratulating Mr Ramkissoon adding, that the Commission consists of an excellent team of persons who are full of heart and who passionately felt a deep concerned about our country.

Mr Ramkissoon’s swearing in ceremony was also witnessed by the following members of the, Police Service Commission, Dr Maria Gomes, Chairman, Mrs Roamar Achat-Saney and Dr James Armstrong.