Address to the Nation by Her Excellency Reema Carmona and His Excellency Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona O.R.T.T., S.C. on the Occasion of Mother’s Day 2017

There is nothing greater than a mother’s love and a mother’s positive influence. The role of the mother is undeniable and indispensable and is critical to the human and social development of any progressive society. A mother’s love is all embracing and is often what makes the real difference in all our lives. She is the quintessential first teacher. Simply put, she points the way. She is the ultimate confidante and friend who takes care of household chores and in these modern times, pursues a demanding career and manages the family unit, all rolled into one.

Motherhood is a vocation that cradles our very humanity. A mother’s job has no time off. The impact of a mother’s love and care is immeasurable in action and inspiration and must not and cannot be viewed lightly. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the 35th First Lady of the United States of America, stated the decisive importance of a mother being there for her child. She said, “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do well matters very much.” Mothers, through your loving guiding hands, your homes can be positive catalysts of change by ensuring that holistic philosophies and great human values are cultured, encouraged and actualised.

On Mother’s Day we celebrate mothers, mother figures and caregivers who assume the role of mother. It is imperative that we in Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the Caribbean Region, continue to ensure that a mother’s impacting role in the societies never diminishes. We can safeguard this, by ensuring that genuine female empowerment is encouraged and supported by everyone in all sectors of our society. We must encourage our women to walk side by side with their male counterparts. We seek the support and solidarity of our fathers to actually and metaphorically walk hand in hand with our mothers to create good and great citizens of this country.

Mother’s Day is always a momentous, celebratory and very reflective occasion in all families. We both feel honoured, fortunate and blessed to have both our loving Mothers with us on this very special day.

As we stated, Mother’s Day is also very reflective, and even painful for those who have lost their mothers. There will be nostalgia and sadness when the wonderful memories of a deceased mother’s warmth and love are recalled. Don’t you ever despair! Smile, in the midst of your tears. Rest assured, that your mother may not be here physically but she is with you every step of the way in spirit, through the guiding legacy of her lasting love, care and compassion.

Mothers, continue to work your maternal magic by inculcating in your children and family the positives of being compassionate, honourable, principled and respectful. Mothers of Trinidad and Tobago, always take charge of your family especially your sons and daughters, through the medium of disciplined love and affection. It is through your timely intervention and maternal guidance, you can help build a warm, compassionate and harmonious Trinidad and Tobago.

Together with our children Christian and Anura, we wish all mothers, mother figures and caregivers, a Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day 2017 and all things great and wonderful!