Mini National Awards Ceremony

In attendance at the ceremony was the Chief Justice Ivor Archie, Chairman of the Awards Committee and family and friends of the awardees.

University of the West Indies student Raѐann Parris expressed hope, strength and goodwill in prayer and Ms Dominic Akal gave superb musical renditions.

Ms Brenda La Maître was awarded the Humming Bird Medal (Gold) in the sphere of Community Service.  She is a retired nurse with fifty-three (53) years, service, forty-three (43) of them spent at the Princess Elizabeth Centre.  A graduate of the Hammer Smith and Berkshire Hospitals both in the United Kingdom as a Registered Nurse (RN) and Orthopaedic Nurse respectively.  Ms La Maître’s dedication and care has shaped the lives of several physically challenged and differently abled children through Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean.  Many of her “children” have grown up to be professionals in various fields.

Ms Brenda La Maître receives the Humming Bird Medal (Gold)

Mrs Jaqueline Wilson was awarded the Medal of Merit (Gold) in the sphere of Public Service.  She is a retired Permanent Secretary who can be described as a pioneering woman.  Mrs Wilson established, operated and managed the first incarnation of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) and was instrumental in the creation of the Public Service wide networks to advance Human Resource Management, Public Policy and Information Communication Technology (ICT) functions.  Although Telecommunication Liberalisation was originally initiated in the 1980s, it never gained traction until Mrs Wilson was appointed Permanent Secretary responsible for telecommunications.

Mrs Jaqueline Wilson receives the Medal of Merit (Gold)

In concluding, President Carmona commended both women for their service said “public service must be rewarded and done so publicly.  You have served your country with distinction even though your financial reward