His Excellency Visits Brent River College

This is a Key Stage 3 college housing students from age with students between the ages of 11 to 14.

His Excellency and party were welcomed to Brent River College by Mrs Vivien Dean the schools Head teacher. This was followed by a class-to-class tour of the school where HE met individual students in their classes. The visit culminated with an assembly in the English Room, where HE got students and teachers to take the “Do the Right Thing” oath and distributed hand bands with the Crest of the Office of the President.

His Excellency and party being welcomed to Brent River Colleague by Head Teacher Vivien Dean


His Excellency meeting one of the Art student of Brent River Colleague. Looking on is Andrew Muhammad aka The Investigator who is one of the United Kingdom’s leading Black History and Culture Specialists. His lively energetic presentations are designed to bring forth history and culture to the spectator allowing for a more enriched awareness of the universal contributions and achievements of a culturally diverse society.  Andrew is a community leader and is heavily involved in working with young people of the African Caribbean Community with the ultimate goal of inspiring them to achieve greatness.  Besides going around schools and Premier League football clubs in the UK promoting diversity and mentoring young people, Andrew is one of the founding directors of Westside Young Leaders Academy (WYLA) a supplementary school with a strong mentoring component that provides a tailored leadership programme for young black boys between the ages of 8-14 on Saturdays.  In addition, he is a tutor and lead mentor of African and Caribbean Diversity (ACD). African & Caribbean Diversity was founded in 1990 by a group of black professionals whose shared vision was of a dynamic organisation that would promote the entry, development and advancement of its members into business organizations. In doing this, it would make a positive contribution to the African and Caribbean communities and to the economy of the UK. Today, it is the leading membership organisation of its kind in Europe.

His Excellency meeting a student of Brent River Colleague who aspires to be a Doctor.


His Excellency meeting a student of Brent River Colleague who aspires to be a Science Teacher.  Looking on is Antonio Beatrice who was selected by H.E. to do a summer internship at the Office of the President.  Antonio attended Presentation Colleague San Fernando (alma mater of H.E.) and is a Trinidad and Tobago Open National scholarship winner. Antonio is currently pursuing a Law degree at University College London and has been part of the Model United Nations (MUN) community for four years.  Antonio has also recently been awarded the Freshfields Stephen Lawrence Scholarship. This is awarded to a student who possesses exceptional all – round talent potential for success in the legal field.

His Excellency meeting a group of students who were creating crafts to be sold to raise funds for the school.

H.E. sitting with the students and addressing staff, guest and students just before they took the “Do the right thing” oath.