Her Excellency, Mrs Reema Carmona, addresses the KPA School

Her Excellency Mrs Reema Carmona addresses the KPA School at Siparia Road on the Occasion of the 60th Anniversary and Award Ceremony – November 28, 2014

It is indeed a great pleasure to be granted the opportunity to speak at this 60th Anniversary Celebration and Award function, and to address you regarding your role as heroes and exemplars, not only in this community but the society as a whole.

Yes, it is always good to celebrate the hard work and sacrifice that lead to success, but I want to engage you tonight in what leads to true success and what are the pitfalls that we need to guard against on that road to success. ┬áThere is a whole gamut of human activity in the adult world which does not bode well for our young people. Male parents staggering home, drunk like a proverbial fish, abusing mothers and children, and when sober, demanding that everybody do the right thing…

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