Dr. Gerard A. Hutchinson Appointed Member of The Advisory Committee

His Excellency Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, ORTT, SC President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago appointed Dr. Gerard A. Hutchinson as a member of the Advisory Committee.

President Carmona, upon presenting Dr. Hutchinson with his Instrument of Appointment, stated that this a salutary moment in the history of Trinidad and Tobago because we, as a nation are fortunate to have a man of Dr. Hutchinson’s calibre, intellect, competence and experience appointed to such a position.

His Excellency noted that Dr. Hutchinson represented the best and the brightest in our Independent and Republic state of Trinidad and Tobago and went on to share anecdotes of his past encounters with Dr. Hutchinson from his time as a judge and more so as a prosecutor.  His Excellency recalled, that whenever Dr. Hutchinson was called to the stand, he came as an expert in justice, one who was not influenced by the popular decision but plainly presented the merit and demerit of the accused.

President Carmona further stated that the committee would be emboldened by the addition of Dr. Hutchinson and went on to say that many of the crimes committed in Trinidad and Tobago today, are resultant of mental degeneration, contributing to a people that have a countenance that is predisposed to be more combative and belligerent.

His Excellency noted that the Trinbagonian society is one that does not applaud second chances.  His Excellency went on to encourage the nation to appreciate the tenants of mercy, forgiveness and compassion.  In closing, President Carmona wishes all God’s blessings upon Dr. Hutchinson and his family, reaffirming his confidence in him to deliver quality service during his tenure and chastened him to be the light among lights within the Mercy Committee.