Courtesy Call – Anthony Sabga Caribbean Awards For Excellence

Her Excellency Raziah Ahmed acting President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, received the recipients of the Anthony Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence on April 10, 2015.

Chairman of the Award Committee Sir Shridath Ramphal explained to Her Excellency that the award programme is focused on the recognition and commendation of the recipients in their various fields of contribution. Even though the Award Committee looks only at persons in the Caribbean Community, the achievements of many of the recipients of the years has had global impact.

The Caribbean Award for Excellence 2015 Laureates are:

Arts & Letters:

Dr Paloma Mohamed of Guyana who is one of the most prolific academics (communication and behavioural studies) and creative writers (playwrights, script writers and poets) in the region. She is a key figure in Guyana’s culture and academe and has been producing creative work since the age of 13. Dr Mohamed is recognised as one of the most influential figures in the Guyanese and Caribbean cultural landscape.


Mr Herbert A Samuel (St Vincent and the Grenadines). The problem of efficient use of costly and finite energy resources in the face of growing demand for energy is one of the defining issues of the 21st century and Mr Samuel is building a business finding innovative ways to address it through his company Welectricity Inc. The key objective is to derive solutions to reduce domestic energy consumption via a web app which allows households to track, compare and reduce their electricity consumption, without the need for any additional measurement device in the home.

Science & Technology:

Professor Suresh Narine (Guyana). Professor Narine is one of the people who is actively changing the role of the Caribbean as a technological importer through advancements in physical and chemical sciences. His work in Canada has created the rare bridge between scientific research and commercial application, and in many cases, lessened environmental impact.

Science & Technology:

Professor Patrick Hosein (Trinidad and Tobago) has significantly contributed to technologies we use every day, such as cellular communications and the Internet. A Computer Scientist, Electrical Engineer and Mathematician, Professor Hosein has worked with some of the major cellular communications companies in the world, such as At&T, Ericsson and Huawei. He has been granted thirty-five 35 international patents in telecommunications and wireless communications. Additionally, he also has more than seventy-five (75) peer-reviewed publications in these fields.

Her Excellency commended the Award recipients on the remarkable achievements within their spheres of expertise as the acknowledgement and recognition is a small token of what they have contributed to not only bring further recognition to the Caribbean but to improve the standard of living for many.