Appointments: Transport Board

The Trinidad Transport Board of Trinidad and Tobago was sworn in by His Excellency Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona O.R.T.T., S.C., The President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on Friday 5th May, 2017. Members from left to right (see photo) are Mr.Stein Carrington, Mr. Dave Baijoo, His Excellency, Dr. Jacqueline Huggins and Mr.Roy Andrew Lloyd. His Excellency had a comprehensive chat with the board members about the need for emphasis on accommodating the needs of the differently-abled in our infrastructure planning and design. Drafting procedures must be legislated to take into consideration the needs of not only the majority but ALL CITIZENS, even especially those who may require additional structures to aid them in their everyday lives. It is the Hallmark of a civilised society that they place great consideration on the requirements of those who are at a disadvantage.

His Excellency Anthony Carmona O.R.T.T., S.C., suggested a collaborative effort between the Transport and Port Authority Boards as they do both share the objective of increasing ease of accessibility between and around the islands. His Excellency made mention that these State appointed Boards are tasked with the sole mission of building our country from the ground up and they must all heed that call to put aside personal interests in stead of myopic views which can blur the vision of a larger goal of nation building. His Excellency has included in his board appointments Manager, Student Life and Development Department  (SLDD) UWI St. Augustine, Dr. Jacqueline Huggins whose academic work spanning over two decades is targeted towards the advancement and coordination of systems which support those disabled members of our society who are most in need of these social development efforts. Dr. Jacqueline Huggins has additionally brought in disabilities expert Dr. Jean Antione-Dunne to dialogue and offer guidance to the conceptualisation processes of the Transport Board of Trinidad and Tobago. She continues with her reappointment, to keep the needs of our more vulnerable citizens at the fore of the planning process. 

His Excellency has appointed Senior Project Manager, Alutech Ltd. Dave Baijoo, whose career and philanthropic endeavours have brought him face to face with the realities of implementing infrastructure in our nation as well as the need for efficiency and actionable, strategic planning to implement the altruistic and progressive ideas postulated by the Board. His Excellency has further appointed Architect Stein Carrington of Tobago, who brings to the table not only a sound technical background himself but the creative thinking needed to provide solutions to the challenges of accessibility faced by those living with physical constraints beyond their own control. 

His Excellency has also appointed Mr. Roy Andrew Lloyd whose lifelong experience as an engineer and a significant tenure as Senior Manager of Operations at Petrotrin affords him the opportunity to lend his vast project management and planning expertise to serve his country. Together with the other Trinidad Transport Board members to be sworn in, these four have pledged to give of their time, skill and expertise to driving forward the development of our nation.